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Basal implant is implant system where patient can have fix teeth in just 72hours. Routinely it's done by flapless technique, no suture required, we are proud that we are first ever saurashtra s basal implant center.
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Dental implants Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Currently It is the best way of tooth replacement were u can get stable fixed tooth replacement without disturbing any other tooth There are two types of implant system available 
 1.Conventional implant This is the traditional form of implant were implant is placed into fully healed socket and left it to integrate with the bone usually it takes 45-60 days to integrate once integrated artificial tooth is placed. 
 Indication - replacement of 1 or multiple teeth in patients with gud bone conditions, no systemic disease (eg. diabetes), healthy periodontium 
 2.Statergic implantology (basal bone) This is the latest version of implant available currently. We are proud to be 1st basal implant center. In this system implants are placed in basal bone and tooth can b replaced immediately after tooth extraction within 72hours 
 Indication replacement of single to full dentition can be placed in patients with resorbed bone, having systemic disease like diabetes, habit patients (smoking etc.)and weak periodontium 
 Biggest advantage of basal implant compared to conventional implant is Time saving less visits and cost effective
No more waiting for tooth replacement, Get the best tooth replacement in just 72hours, Your search for the best dental clinic for teeth replacement with implant ends here, Visit our clinic and get your teeth replaced in best way.
Tierd seeing your elders struggling with denture and unable to enjoy their favorite food. Here's a best way to relieve them from their daily trouble of denture the best and perfect way to replace teeth, dental implants in just 72hours. Visit our dental clinic and give them back the joy of enjoying their favorite food with latest and fastest, basal implant.
Though we are not that aware but missing teeth can cause lots of problems. When u have missing teeth u cannot chew properly hence gastric problems in turn less nutrition and less immunity to fight various disease. So if u have missing teeth don't delay, visit our dental clinic and get it fixed with basal implants in just 72hours.
Did you know missing teeth can cause improper chewing forces which may cause muscle spasm and lead to sever cervical pain. So if u have missing teeth don't delay get it replaced immediately with basal implant in just 72hours at our dental clinic
Not able to enjoy your favorite food due to missing teeth?? No more of that get your teeth fixed in just 72hours at our dental clinic and enjoy again your favorite delicious food.
Did you know missing teeth can make you look older than you are it can also lead to skin wrinkles So if u hav missing teeth here s the best way to look younger instantly in just 72hours with basal implants Visit dental clinic today.